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Data subjects’ rights and their enforcement

First First Right to information
The person concerned is informed by the law of his personal data. (§ 11/1 /. /)
In the request, the data controller shall provide information on its management or its authorized processor of processed data, data management, the legal basis for the duration of the data, the name, address (seat) and related to data processing activities, as well as on who and for what purpose receive or receive data. The controller shall request the submission of the shortest time possible, but not later than 30 days after written, easy to understand way tájékoztatást.A provide the information free of charge if the request for information for the current year for the same field of information request to the data controller has not yet filed. In other cases, the expenses may be charged. Such expenses shall be reimbursed, if the data unlawfully processed or rectification led to the request for information. The relevant information to the controller only refuse if it is permitted by law. In regard to the data subject shall communicate the reasons for refusal of information. / 12th-13th § /
Second Second Data revisions and the right to cancel
The price motioned request correction of personal information, and – except for data processing provided by law – their removal. (§ 11/1 / b. /) Do not conform to the reality of personal data, the controller must be corrected. / 14 § (1) /
The personal data shall be deleted HGH) treatment of illegal b) the – on the TV. 11th § (1) b) of that – on c) is incomplete or incorrect – and the situation is not lawfully be corrected – provided that the cancellation law does not preclude d) the data is lost or when the data is stored statutory deadline expired e) the court or the Privacy Commissioner elrendelte.A rectification or deletion of the data subject, as well as those to be notified with the data previously transmitted data management purposes. The notice shall be omitted if it is the purpose of data management with regard to the legitimate interest of non-prejudiced. / 14 § -15. § /
Third Right to object
The subject may object to personal data, the processing of, HGH), personal data processing (transfer) only the controller or the data importer to a right or legitimate interest in enforcing necessary except if the data processing law ordered b) personal data are used or transferred for purposes of direct marketing, poll or scientific research; c) a protest by the law permits.
The data manager – data management and refraining from undertaking – in protest of the submission of the application is required as soon as possible, but not more than 15 days to consider, and the result of the applicant in writing. If the objection is justified, the data controller is required to manage the data – including additional data collection and data transmission as well – to remove, and the data block, and the objection or on the basis of measures taken to inform all those who are part of the objection concerned the personal data previously transferred and who required to take action to enforce the right to object.
Where the relevant decisions of the controller does not agree with the counter – its notification within 30 days – according to the law court.
If the data recipient Validation of the legal rights of the opposition does not receive the notice within 15 days from the communication of the data in order to obtain – under this law – court against the controller. The data controller to the data subject can sue call.
If the court rejects the application receiving the data, the data subject’s personal data from notification of the judgment canceled within 3 days. The data controller shall also be canceled if the recipient of the data within the time limit does not go to court. The controller can not delete the relevant data, if the data processing law ordered. The data is transmitted in a data recipient, if the data agrees with the objection, the court or the protest jogosságátmegállapította. / 16 / A § /
4th Law enforcement, judicial
In the case of the infringement of his rights, as well as the TV. 16 / A § (4) of the individual, the data controller to justice. The court case out of it. The fact that the data management for the provision of legal compliance, the data controller is obliged to prove. The lawsuit is based controller (residence) of the competent court or tribunal. The lawsuit – the choice – the residence (stay) can be brought before the courts. The legal proceedings may also be a person otherwise lawsuit jogképessége.Ha the court accepts the application, the data controller of the information as data rectification, erasure, automated individual decisions, the destruction of the object’s right to take into account, and the TV. 16 / A § (4) shall supply the data requested by the person to pay. The court may order the judgment – the disclosure of the identity of the data controller – the disclosure if a larger number of privacy concerns and the rights protected by this Act require. / 17 § (1) /
5th Right to compensation
The data controller concerned or unlawful processing of data protection requirements in breach shall pay any damage caused. Compared to the data subject, the controller is responsible for damage caused by the processor as well. The controller shall be exempted from liability if he proves that the damage was not covered by the data management and unavoidable cause. Under the law, damages are not recoverable in so far as the victim’s intentional or grossly negligent conduct of origin. / 18th § (1) /

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